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El Aman - Feras Arrabi

AL'ARRABI Release Party

Al’ARRABI is an instrumental album and an anthology of songs with themes centered around either an emotion, an observation, or an idea, but all tell a story. These themes are expressed through melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, which, like characters in a play, develop and transform to the narrative arc.

Track 3: El Aman


Safety, security, and protection, El Aman encompasses these ideas and contrasts them against anxiety. Stemming from a time when making music with friends provided one with a safe space to explore ideas, El Aman juxtaposes this against anxiety-inducing contrapuntal melodies and droning guitars.

• Composition: Feras Arrabi, Iyad Salameh
• Arrangement: Fouad Azar, Feras Arrabi
• Bass: Fouad Azar
• Drum Production: Mazen Ayoub, Vadim Kharaz
• Baby: Iyad Zaki
• Editing: Miami Dolphin

Produced by Feras Arrabi, Fouad Azar and Vadim Kharaz
Mixed by Vadim Kharaz at Calm Frog Recording
Mastered by Nicolas Luis Secretin at Roca Mastering

Making Of Video

Geek Out

The bass line was composed by bassist Iyad Salameh, which provided the affectionate yet solid riff. Also, a little artist was featured in this song: Iyad Zaki, who was born during the production of AL’ARRABI and signifies the innocence which pierces through the darkness, leading to a boisterous two-chord vamp solo.

Geek Out

El Aman is one of the ancient tracks that I have revived on the album.

Here’s a video from 2012 with the band FUSE playing El Aman in its original form.

The track has a sound bite hidden in it from this very video!

Making Video


Special Thanks

• Artwork: Nuun Art Studio
• Photography: Hiba Nabulsi
• Animation: Waleed Arrabi
• Crowdfund Campaign Management: Mama’s Production
• Website: Adham Moshasha & Ghaith Ben Khadra
• Media Consultant: Sabreen Taha

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Luna Alshishani

One of my favourites ufff!!!!!!!! next level!!

R. Arrabi

Baby cries let me feel the utmost secure world of innocence and need of others.
I enjoyed it.


dat bass line ..


Love the psychedelic approach, my fav. so far