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Jupiter - Feras Arrabi

AL'ARRABI Release Party

Al’ARRABI is an instrumental album and an anthology of songs with themes centered around either an emotion, an observation, or an idea, but all tell a story. These themes are expressed through melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, which, like characters in a play, develop and transform to the narrative arc.

Track 9: Jupiter


The grand finale! A trip to the 5th of 8 planets — and thus aptly written in 5/8, Jupiter. This the album’s most complicated piece, but spares no expense making it sound as smooth, fun exhilarating as possible.

• Composition: Feras Arrabi
• Arrangement: Fouad Azar, Feras Arrabi
• Bass: Fouad Azar
• Drum Production: Mazen Ayoub, Vadim Kharaz

Produced by Feras Arrabi, Fouad Azar and Vadim Kharaz
Mixed by Vadim Kharaz at Calm Frog Recording
Mastered by Nicolas Luis Secretin at Roca Mastering

Making Of Video

Geek Out

The longest of the bunch, using a lot of different modes and mixing them throughout the song. This one stretches the listening span with recurring themes and patterns with a lot of hidden tricks and sounds.

Special Thanks

• Artwork: Nuun Art Studio
• Photography: Hiba Nabulsi
• Animation: Waleed Arrabi
• Crowdfund Campaign Management: Mama’s Production
• Website: Adham Moshasha, Ghaith Ben Khadra

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R. Arrabi

Though this piece is complicated and took lot of effort, I felt more amused with the previous ones.
My congratulations and wish you all the best success.
Waiting the next album.