AL'ARRABI Release Party

Al’ARRABI is an instrumental album and an anthology of songs with themes centered around either an emotion, an observation, or an idea, but all tell a story. These themes are expressed through melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, which, like characters in a play, develop and transform to the narrative arc.

Track 1: Long Way


The first track of the album and for good reason, since it embodies the philosophy that brought Al’ARRABI to fruition. Long Way attempts to express a musical telling of the hero’s journey; a path taken without shortcuts returns the protagonist back to where he started, but not the same as when he left.

• Composition: Feras Arrabi
• Arrangement: Fouad Azar, Feras Arrabi
• Bass: Fouad Azar
• Drum Production: Mazen Ayoub, Vadim Kharaz
• Editing: Miami Dolphin

Produced by Feras Arrabi, Fouad Azar and Vadim Kharaz
Mixed by Vadim Kharaz at Calm Frog Recording 
Mastered by Nicolas Luis Secretin at Roca Mastering

Making of Video

Geek Out

Long Way is the track with the most iteration since it acted as the model which the rest of the tracks would follow. Moreover, it is the first track that led to Fouad Azar becoming the bassist and arranger for the rest of the album.

Geek Out

Vadim has mixed and co-produced the record, at his own studio ‘Calm Frog Recording’ overseas in the US.

In this video Vadim talks about ‘Long Way’ and prog.

Struggling musicians like us do everything nowadays individually ‘DIY’ and this guy is all about DIY!

A Word From Our Mixer

Special Thanks

• Artwork: Nuun Art Studio
• Photography: Hiba Nabulsi
• Animation: Waleed Arrabi
• Crowdfund Campaign Management: Mama’s Production
• Website: Adham Moshasha & Ghaith Ben Khadra
• Media Consultant: Sabreen Taha

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Luna Alshishani

Brilliant! Genius work! and the artwork is litttttt

R. Arrabi

Watching Feras fingers playing on the guitar looks like watching 100mx4 relay world record gold medalist team of the fastest men or women on earth.
I enjoyed the narration and the story behind each piece.
I enloyed ltstening.


Great work !


I request world tour


Very good job Firas. الله يعطيك العافية

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