AL'ARRABI Release Party

Al’ARRABI is an instrumental album and an anthology of songs with themes centered around either an emotion, an observation, or an idea, but all tell a story. These themes are expressed through melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, which, like characters in a play, develop and transform to the narrative arc.

Track 2: Ship For Trip


As technology develops, so too, does the human race improve, or does it? Ship For Trip places this thesis against the antithesis: despite the technological mask we veil ourselves with, there still lies a primal evil beneath.

• Composition: Feras Arrabi
• Arrangement: Fouad Azar, Feras Arrabi
• Bass: Fouad Azar
• Drum Production: Mazen Ayoub, Vadim Kharaz
• Editing: Sari Abuladel

Produced by Feras Arrabi, Fouad Azar and Vadim Kharaz
Mixed by Vadim Kharaz at Calm Frog Recording
Mastered by Nicolas Luis Secretin at Roca Mastering

Making Of Video

Geek Out

Features a rather challenging bass solo with a guitar unison half way through, also the only track that features a 7-string.
Fouad Azar

Special Thanks

• Artwork: Nuun Art Studio
• Photography: Hiba Nabulsi
• Animation: Waleed Arrabi
• Crowdfund Campaign Management: Mama’s Production
• Website: Adham Moshasha & Ghaith Ben Khadra
• Media Consultant: Sabreen Taha

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Luna Alshishani

From another world!

Luna Alshishani

Mnawwer Fuaaaad <3

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