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Through The Orient - Feras Arrabi

AL'ARRABI Release Party

Al’ARRABI is an instrumental album and an anthology of songs with themes centered around either an emotion, an observation, or an idea, but all tell a story. These themes are expressed through melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, which, like characters in a play, develop and transform to the narrative arc.

Track 8: Through The Orient


With a thunderous, booming, and majestic intro, Through The Orient starts off with colossal gates opening. Transporting the listener to the orientalist world. Through The Orient is a self-aware piece on the western interpretation of the east, otherwise known as orientalism.

• Composition: Feras Arrabi, Waseem Arrabi
• Arrangement: Fouad Azar, Feras Arrabi
• Bass: Fouad Azar
• Drum Production: Mazen Ayoub, Vadim Kharaz
• Percussion: Zayd Msais
• Recording percussion was done at Levant Studios Amman, with Nasir Al Bashir as recording engineer.

Produced by Feras Arrabi, Fouad Azar and Vadim Kharaz
Mixed by Vadim Kharaz at Calm Frog Recording
Mastered by Nicolas Luis Secretin at Roca Mastering

Making Of Video

Geek Out

Dropped D tuning was used on this track. Experimented with percussion on this one which is something I am familiar with ex-band “Albaitil Ashwai”. Another fellow bandmate Zayd Msais played percussion. Mixing djembe, bongos, different shakers and little cymbals, plus a didgeridoo and bowl.
Zayd Msais

A Word From Vadim

Special Thanks

• Artwork: Nuun Art Studio
• Photography: Hiba Nabulsi
• Animation: Waleed Arrabi
• Crowdfund Campaign Management: Mama’s Production
• Website: Adham Moshasha & Ghaith Ben Khadra
• Media Consultant: Sabreen Taha

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R. Arrabi

Oriental rhythm added a lot and amused me.
Yes such mix is desirable and interested.