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Feras Arrabi Biography - Feras Arrabi


Feras Arrabi

Feras Arrabi is a Jordanian Artist/Musician, based in Amman, Jordan He was born on the 18th of September 1991 in Kuwait. Feras moved when he was 18 years old to Jordan to pursue his BA degree in Management Information Systems.

When he was 13 years old, he picked up the guitar for the first time. It was an old broken guitar that belonged to his father from when he was younger. At the time, Feras decided to give this Guitar the maintenance it needed and for the first time in his family, this neglected instrument changed his life forever.

Feras’s music is influenced by his Middle Eastern culture and the music of other cultures, which he was exposed to early on in his journey as a Guitar player. His compositions mainly fall under fusion and progressive rock/metal.

After moving to Jordan, Feras met many musicians and performed with many bands. Albaitil Ashwai was his main band with the self-styled “Neo-Sufi” genre that combines local inspirations with rock arrangements.
In 2018 Feras joined El Morabba3 collective project and has been their guitarist since then.
Feras has also been hired as a session musician for various projects.
Finally, Feras released his solo debut album “AL’ARRABI” in September 2021 which is an instrumental guitar album, a genre that’s not well spread in his region. He hopes to re-introduce it in his own style.

Since the beginning of his career, Feras has performed in the MENA region (Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt) and in Europe, Germany. He also hopes to see more of the world with the help of music.

My work

GIGS & appearances

Local gigs - Amman jordan

2022 • Through The Orient Tour (Chaos Basement)

2022 • Amman Jazz Festival (Dirty Chords)

2022 • The Blue Show (Chaos Basement)

2022 • Feras X Darem (Corners Pub)

2022 • The Red Show (Chaos Basement)

2020 • Amman Jazz Festival (Dirty Chords)

2020 • Fatteh Concerts by GIZ (Albaitil Ashwai)

2019 • Al Balad Music Festival (El morabba3)

2019 • Redbull Local Vocals (Albaitil Ashwai)

2017 • Redbull Academy (Albaitil Ashwai)

2017 • PAM Festival 2017 (Albaitil Ashwai)

2014 • Amman Jazz Festival (Guest with Black Ice band)

International gigs - MENA

2022 • Through The Orient Tour – Cairo (ElSawy Cultural Wheel)

2022 • Through The Orient Tour – Dubai (Oak’s Live Bar)

2022 • Through The Orient Tour – Riyadh (Syrup)

2022 • Soundstorm – Riyadh (Elyanna)

2022 • XP Music – Riyadh (El Morabba3)

2021 • Extra Bass – Cairo (El Morabba3)

2020 • Egyptian Tour – Cairo & Alexandria (El Morabba3)

2020 • Haysa @ cultural foundation – Abu Dhabi (El Morabba3)

2019 • Wasla Music Fest. – Dubai (El Morabba3)

2019 • Palestine International Festival 2019 – Ram Allah (Albaitil Ashwai)

2018 • Not Necessarily Famous – Kuwait (El Morabba3)

2017 • Egyptian Tour 2018 – Cairo & Alexandria (Albailtil Ashwai)

2016 • Lebanon Tour – Beirut (Albaitil Ashwai)

International gigs - Europe

2019 • Germany Tour 2019 – Berlin & Stuttgart (El Morabba3)